Denzel Washington ist nicht zu stoppen

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Denzel Washington ist nicht zu stoppen

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Ein Güterzug, randvoll mit hochgiftigen Waren. Der Lokomotive fehlt die Bremse, außer Kontrolle rast der Zug über die Gleise. Das ist die Geschichte des neusten Streifens von US-Filmregisseur Tony Scott. Und wer kann diesen Zug stoppen? Kein anderer, als der Schauspieler Denzel Washington.

“Es hat Riesenspaß gemacht, in diesem Film zu spielen. Zu Beginn rief mich Tony Scott in sein Büro. Er saß in mitten von Modellzügen auf dem Boden und spielte mir eine Szene vor:

‘Also, dieser Zug hier kommt von da und rast dann voll in den anderen ‘rein.” Und ich sagte zu ihm: ‘Hey, du bist 60 Jahre alt…’

Aber er war aufgeregt wie ein kleines Kind, und ich habe mich von seiner Begeisterung anstecken lassen”, erinnert sich Denzel Washington.

Grundlage für den Film ist eine wahre Geschichte, die sich vor zehn Jahren in den USA ereignet hat. Aber natürlich hat Tony Scott die Begebenheit zu einer echten Filmstory gemacht mit vielen Figuren und großen Gefühlen.

“So eine Geschichte fesselt einen sofort, denn sie zeigt uns das Beste und das Schlimmste, das in einem Menschen stecken kann. Aber das Gute siegt natürlich über das Böse”, erklärt Regisseur Tony Scott.

“Unstoppable” ist seit Anfang November in den europäischen Kinos zu sehen.


Denzel Washington prove “Unstoppable” in the box office. His latest movie directed by Tony Scott and co-starring with Chris Pine debuted to $19.3 million from 4,137 screens in 39 markets. (second place in the US box office over the first weekend).

Denzel Washington ist wirklich nicht zu Stoppen in den Kino Charts.

In “Unstoppable,” Denzel Washington stars as a veteran train engineer who takes it upon himself and a young conductor, played by Chris Pine, to stop an unmanned train headed in their direction that could wipe out an entire city.

Although Washington never imagined himself running across and on top of freight trains, he cites director Tony Scott’s enthusiasm for the film as positive reinforcement throughout the filming process.


“Well, you know what was funny. One of the first days, I came once we were rolling and Tony had been doing his work, because I was off doing something else, and I got back to LA and he says, “Oh, you’ve got to come into the office”. He had trains, he almost got down on the ground and showed me “Ok, so this one’s come in here and boom! And it’s going to turn”. I’m like “You’re a 60 year old man”. But he was so excited about it that it got me going.”


Frank and Will, played by Washington and Pine, respectively, are working together for the first time when they receive word of a toxic freight train traveling at 150 miles per hour and in danger of crashing and spilling its lethal contents onto a small city, bringing certain death to all its’ inhabitants. The duo must put their differences aside and team up in order to derail the train and save the citizens of the inconspicuous city.

Pine ( best known for his role as a young Captain Kirk in the recent blockbuster film “Start Trek”)

credits his interest in the film to the film’s depiction of real-life heroes instead of popular extraterrestrial superheroes.


“This type of story appeals to all of us because we get to see the best and the worst in human beings and, ultimately, we like these stories because the best always prevails.”


The film also features the talent of Rosario Dawson as Connie, a yardmaster who guides Frank and Will through the process of stopping the train.

“Unstoppable” is out now.

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France 10 November 2010

Poland 10 November 2010

Sweden 10 November 2010

Switzerland 10 November 2010 (French speaking region)

Argentina 11 November 2010

Croatia 11 November 2010

Denmark 11 November 2010

Germany 11 November 2010

Greece 11 November 2010

Hong Kong 11 November 2010

Kuwait 11 November 2010

Malaysia 11 November 2010

Russia 11 November 2010

Serbia 11 November 2010

Singapore 11 November 2010

Switzerland 11 November 2010 (German speaking region)

Austria 12 November 2010

Canada 12 November 2010

Estonia 12 November 2010

Finland 12 November 2010

India 12 November 2010

Italy 12 November 2010

Latvia 12 November 2010

Lithuania 12 November 2010

Norway 12 November 2010

Philippines 12 November 2010

Spain 12 November 2010

Turkey 12 November 2010

USA 12 November 2010

Hungary 18 November 2010

UK 24 November 2010

Portugal 25 November 2010

Slovenia 25 November 2010

Netherlands 2 December 2010

Czech Republic 16 December 2010

Slovakia 16 December 2010

Japan 7 January 2011

November 17, 2010


Unstoppable cruised in to first place at the international box office over the weekend, though that was due more to its wide launch than any particular strength. Due Date dipped to second on decent holds, while Skyline opened well in a few territories. Though it was a somewhat quiet foreign session, the global opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 will undoubtedly provide quite the jolt this coming weekend.

Unstoppable debuted to $19.3 million from 4,137 screens in 39 markets. While it was far from spectacular, it did eclipse last year’s Denzel Washington-Tony Scott train movie The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 in a majority of territories. Unstoppable’s biggest opening came in China, where it debuted in first place to $5.6 million. It also opened first in Spain ($1.6 million) and Taiwan ($1 million), and had decent starts in France ($2.9 million), South Korea ($1.35 million) and Germany ($1.2 million). The movie is set to open in Russia and the United Kingdom on Nov. 25 and 26, respectively.

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