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Italian downturn impact on Europe

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Italian downturn impact on Europe

Anthony Millery aus Lyon in Frankreich fragt:

“Da ich italienischer Abstammmung bin, frage ich mich, ob die Rezession in Italien auch Auswirkungen auf die EU hat, und wenn ja – welche?”

Es antwortet Antonio Villafranca von “Head & Senior Research Fellow European Programme, ISPI /Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale”

“Weil Italien die dritt-grö´te Volkswirtschaft in der Europäischen ist, bewirkt jede Veränderung bei ihrer Wirtschaftsleistung

So Italy is the third biggest economy of the European Union, then any change in its economic performance would have necessarly an impact on the whole European Union,

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and moreover on those European Countries which are the main trade partners of Italy: first of all, Germany and secondly France.

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From my point of view, it is wrong to think that the crisis that hits Europe and, hits obvioulsy Italy too, is not just a budget crisis, it’s not a crisis that affect just the budget of the states.

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Certainly it is even that, but we have to say also that this crisis affects the balance of payments**(
balance des paiements) , and it means that we have to act moreover at the Eurozone level, because it is more important for us, for the member states of the Eurozone, rather than for the other members of EU.

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So, we have to make all efforts to get an economic convergence in the Eurozone.

Unfortunately, we have to make still a lot of progress to get this convergence not only in budget policy but also in the economic policy of the Eurozone.

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