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Davos Blog 1 : "Davos is hotting up !" (in Englisch)

Davos Blog 1 : "Davos is hotting up !"  (in Englisch)
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Despite the freezing cold and driving snow, Davos is hotting up!The top brass of the political and business world are starting to converge on the mountain resort. The participants’ registration centre was buzzing with activity this afternoon.Security staff seem to be everywhere – apparently some 5,000 Swiss military are on the ground, and that’s not to mention the near constant whirr of helicopters hovering overhead, surveying the scene.

Yesterday, we visited the Occupy Davos movement. They said that with the heavy security presence they were not sure their protest would be heard. The group, bringing together, the young and not so young, are braving sub-zero temperatures and spending the night in igloos. Though they said it was bearable and not too cold inside, it did not look like the most comfortable night’s sleep to me!

We later bumped into a group of Occupy protesters in the centre of Davos. They tagged the snow with coloured liquid leaving a message of “capitalism kills, fight back.” Given that the snow has not stopped falling their message will surely fade. Though, if their determination and drive for change are anything to go by, the Occupy movement will not.


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